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We are back on the road - 3 on tour!

Apr 25, 2018

We are on tour again! With dog and by bicycle through Europe from 2018 to 2019. 3 on Tour

3 on Tour: Images, Route, Logbook

We are at the moment in Krakow!

We found much more quite and small roads after we left Krakow. Cycling is now much more fun than before, there are also now enough stretches of forest to find a good spot for camping.

The villages get a bit smaller and "simple". We now also hit the "Green Velo" cycling route which runs about 1.800 kilometers through eastern Poland. At least parts of it we want to follow on our way north to the baltic states.

Poland Poland
Leaving a nice bush camping spot (Poland, April 2018)
Leaving a nice bush camping spot (Poland, April 2018)

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