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Globebiker On The Road

This is a list of guys and girls I know (at least via internet) who left "comfortable" life for some period of time and explore different parts of the world by bike currently. Most of them are reporting regular, so you can follow their trips "live".

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[biciclown] alvaro (E)
Worldjourney by bike from 2004-2014!

[mike on bike] mike (CA)

"Since 2009 I have cycled more than 55,000 km through 38 countries. This blog follows my journey – what it means, where it’s going and when (or if) it will end."

[Tasting Travels - tasting the cultures of the world] Annika&Roberto (D, MX)
With 2 bicyles through the world

[velocos] Moni&Robi (CH)
"We felt like thrown in the cold water. When we started our trip in Switzerland, Zuerich/Hoengg, we didn’t have any experience with longer bicycle trips. We only made a shorter trip through the northwest part of Switzerland. And we liked it!

We still like that way of transportation. Not to fast, not to slow and you have plenty of time to suck in to the surroundings. But be careful! If you head of for a longer trip, you got addicted to it and you never wanna stop."

[ Cycling around the world Blog] amaya & eric (USA + F)
"We"re Eric and Amaya, two ordinary people who gave up regular lives to become bike nomads and cycle around the world."


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