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TourBine 2002-2004
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TOURBINE 2002-2004

europe - middle east - north africa - india - australia

617 days - 20.000 kilometers

Turkey Turkey
wonderful anatolia - turkey
wonderful anatolia - turkey
on 3rd of august 2002 a big journey had begun. by bike. from vienna to many different places on planet earth. on 11th of april 2004 - after cycling for 617 days and nearly 20.000 kilometers - bine and i arrived back at their starting point. the tourBine617 is over. no more heavy loaded cycling anymore. no sweating or freezing. no daily search for a nice place to pitch the tent up. no cycling through deserts, mountains or forests. no sleeping under bilions of stars. no torments. no hassles. the tour is over. but the minds and souls of the two cyclists are filled with adventures, experiences and inspirations for their new life back in europe.
exhausted but happy - nubian desert (sudan)
exhausted but happy - nubian desert (sudan)


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