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TourSur 2013 - Route
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Latest Update: 

Many thanks to [Beat] for the very nice Bicycle-Marker! :))

The red Line marks the cycled Route.
The yellow Line marks ways we did with other Transportation than with our Bicycles.

This map is an interactive map, you are able to do the following things:

  •     Mouse doubleclick within the map: centers the map at this coordinates and zooms in one level
  •     Drag the Mousepointer within the map: the map move in this direction
  •     "+" or "-" Buttonat the left side: zoom in or out
  •     Navigationpad in the left, upper corner: moves the map
  •     Keys at the right bottom: switch between mapview, satelliteview and hybridview

The route shown in this page has not been taken with a GPS device, but has been logged afterwards using an Onlinemap. The route is therefore not exact and may differ quite a lot in some areas! This is especially true in areas where there are less or no data available (small paths, border areas,...)!


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