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Alaska ist great!

United States of America
11. July 2009

Alaska ist great!

18630 km, Tok. Alaska

For Bine and me Alaska is clearly one more highlight of our trip so far. Although we saw no sun and had some rainfall every day in the first 2 weeks. As we approached the Denali area, the weather got better and better. Therefore we were able to see the about 6.500 meter Denali Peak, the highest mountain in Northern America, several times not covered with clouds. It is just a 25 % chance to see the mountain like this! Also the detour to Denali National Park was well worth it. Wwe saw a lot of animals and a breathtaking landscape and scenery. After cycling back to Cantwell, we headed east on the beautiful gravel road called Denali Highway. Especially the first part along the Alaskan Range with a lot of snow covered mountains has been really great. In general the areas in Alaska a less populated, and distances between "villages" are quite far. And when reaaching places like Cantwell, Paxson, Galkona you will not find more then a gas station. The landscape is nice everywhere, also when the weather is not very good. So we enjoy Alaska really a lot. Now the canadian border is not far anymore...
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