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Bye bye Baja, bye bye

7. February 2010

Bye bye Baja, bye bye

27554 km, Mazatlan (Sinaloa)

The first town of Baja California Sur is Guerrero Negro, we stay there for one night. Mainly to have a shower after a long time und to get some stuff fixed. Moreover we use the opportunity to have some local food. Especially all those different variations of tacos and tortas are very good, including the spicy sauces. On the next day we tried to cycle about 30 kilometres to the coast for whale watching. But the road was by far too sandy, after a few hundred meters we gave up. What a pity, we were really looking forward to see some whales. But afterwards it turned out that this was also a good decision. El Nino sent a lot of rain to the Baja, we had 3 days of rain on the way to Santa Rosalia. But just north of us it was much worse. Three bridges have been washed away, the worst storm since 20 years. As we arrived the coast of the Golf of California, the weather was sunny again. We stayed on a beautiful beach on the Baia Concepcion for 2 days. Afterwards we left the Highway 1 and "cycled" over the mountains to San Isidro. It took us nearly 2 days for 60 kilomters of 4x4-road, we had to push the bicycles quite often. At San Isidro we were back at civilisation, water and on a paved road. The last 300 km to La Paz were quite boring, but easy. Just a lot of fences along the road made finding a place to sleep quite difficult. La Paz is the first real city on the Baja, and very nice. On the next day we had to say "Good bye" to the wonderful Baja California. An expensive ferry took us to the mexican mainland - to Mazatlan.
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