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Christmasholiday in Chengdu over

9. January 2009

Christmasholiday in Chengdu over

12538 km, Chengdu (CN)

Two very nice and relaxing weeks with Bines parents in Chengdu are now over. We together explored a lot in Chengdu City, the life on the streets, public parks and their teahouses, some interesting temples. We travelled 18 hours by train to Xian, and admired the worldfamous Terracotta Warriors. Also the city Xian itself was very interesting, especially the muslim quarter by night. We did a further excursion to the Giant Buddha at Leshan - a huge, 70 meter high Buddha, which has been carved in stones. One highlight of course had been the visit to the Giant Pandas near Chengdu. It is also a successful breeding base of the Giant Panda and the Red Panda. In the evening we nearly every day enjoyed beer, wine and an excellent view of the nightskyline of Chengdu in our hotel rooms. Chatting a lot together til after midnight. Now Brigitte and Alfred are already back in Germany, and also for us the "normal life" starts again. Tomorrow we set off again by bike, direction south. Direction of SE-Asia.
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