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From winter directly into summer!

5. February 2009

From winter directly into summer!

13723 km, Kunming (CN)

After intensive, selective and great weeks cycling from Chengdu along the "National Highway 108", we finally reached - after about 1.200 kilometers and 14.000 meters in altitude - the capital of Yunnan province - Kunming. At the beginning we had a lot of fog and dense populated area, totally depressive. Up in the mountains we once had totally icy road, cycling impossible. So we pushed our heavy loaded bikes for 11 kilomters and 1.000 meters up to the pass. But on 2008-01-28 a lot changed: the sun came out and it got really, really warm. what a pleasure! Since then we had the best cycling weather of the world. No cap, no gloves anymore, we even cycled without a jacket! From Winter directly into summer. The (for us last) visa extension unfortunately takes one week. Afterwards we are heading to Laos.
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