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Heading to Central America

United States of America
1. January 2010

Heading to Central America

26027 km, El Centro (California)

Supported by "the bible", Mark's Cycling guidebook of the Pacific Coast it was easy for Doug from the USA, Mark from Canada, Bine from Germany and Uli from Austria to find a good and easy way out of San Francisco. The weather got drier now, but still quite chilly during evening and nigth. The coast around Big Sur has been great, the road is directly at the rocky coastline, no houses around. We observed a lot of wild sea elephants which are currently here at the coast. Great! South of Morro Bay the coast got more and more urban and busier, especially since Santa Barbara. In this area we met a lot of american "homeless" cyclists, who spend their time here because of the mild weather yearround. Nearly all of them are very nice and interesting, some even very clever. Everyone of these guys has an own reason why they do not "fit" in the "normal" society and system anymore. From Ventura we headed east, to avoid the complete urban area from Los Angeles to the mexican border near San Diego. The scenery changed fast, soon we are surrounded by dry desert country. Bushcamping got more easier and was very nice - especially the nightly sky with thousands of stars. Meanwhile we are "just" three people anymore. Doug headed to Arizons to spend Christmas with his family. Joshua Tree Nationalpark has been great. It is surprisingly high, and we even got some snow during the night. Cycling was cold even during a sunny day, but the scenery was stunning, with the typical Joshua trees, rocks and sand around. We then soon reached El Centro at the mexican border are preparing now for our next new adventure: Central America. First country: Mexiko.
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