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In the middle of southern Laos

31. March 2009

In the middle of southern Laos

15764 km, Savannakhet (LAO)

Vientiane is for sure the smallest and most “village-like” capital we ever have been. Everything is so small: the houses, the official goverment offices, the roads... The way south east from Vientiane to Southlaos was not very interesting. Because of the heat, we started cycliing at 6 o clock in the morning, and stopped after about 100 kilometer at a guesthouse at lunch time. Heat, flat area, fields...But sometimes also the Mekong on the right side of the road, and very nice rainforest. For a Visa-Run (for a new Laos Visa) we crossed the Mekong at Thakek to Thailand. Because the people have been so nice, and the food was so good and cheap, we stayed in Thailand. We cycled south to Mukdahan in Thailand, and entered there Laos a second time - with a new 30 day visa. We now already managed a 60-day visa for Thailand at the consulate in Savannakhet, and are now heading to the vey south of Laos...
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