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Rain&Sun - the Pacific Coast

United States of America
8. December 2009

Rain&Sun - the Pacific Coast

25088 km, Morro Bay, California

During awfully bad rainy weather we left - after 3 weeks off the bicycle - Vancouver to enter the USA a second time. This time the Immigration was a little bit more easier. We bot had been very lucky to have a new US entry stamp in our passport. Because of the bad weather we took the shortest route avoiding Seattle - heading down the east side of Olympic Peninsula. It was raining hard and very often. It was difficult to keep our gear "dry". Once we reached the border of Oregon we met several other cyclists - despite the late season and the bad weather. With Mark from Canada and Doug from the US we are now cycling since several weeks. This makes a lot of fun. The so-called Hiker&Biker campsite are unique here along the coast. For just 5 dollars per person we nearly every day have a nice and simple camp where we all meet again. We then normally put up a rain tarp, cooking for dinner and talk until it gets so cold that we have to go inside the tent. But there are also several sunny days, and they got more and more the more south we cycled. When the sky is blue and the sun is bright, the coastal scenery is at its best. Great! In the end we reached a big goal - San Francisco. We even managed to get a great campground for free! On the Marin Headlands we had a great view to Golden Gate Bridge and Downtown of Frisco. What an unique place!
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