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Tenacious cycling

21. March 2010

Tenacious cycling

29154 km, Valle de Bravo (Estado de Mexico)

Since Zacatecas quite a long time has passed, we did not really got very far. At the moment we are close to the capital Mexico City, in Valle de Bravo. The first days after leaving Zacatecas had been verz nice, dry and tranquill countryside and very nice weather. But this changed then, it got more green, more agriculture, more people, more traffic on the road. Not very adventurous or interesting. After staying for one week in Jalpa because Bine got sick, the motivation afterwards had not been the best. But since about 3 days we are back in great moutain sceneries again, whith a lot of up and downs all the time. I enjoy cycling again. Mark will stop cyling here, he wants to go by bus for the next weeks and he want to see if he gets into cycling again. Bine and me are now cycling south of Mexico City to Oaxaca, direction of Guatemala.
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