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We are at Angkor Wat!

29. April 2009

We are at Angkor Wat!

17050 km, Siem Reap (K)

A lot happened since the last news from Savannakhet. After Bine and me got the Thai Visum from the consulate, we rolled on to Pakes. On the totally uninteresting main route. Pakse was nice and - for Laos - quite busy. Afterwards we relaxed for a few days on Don Kong and Don Dhet, two of the "4000 Islands" in very southern Laos, where the Mekong gets very wide with a lot of islands in between. Then we proceeded to Cambodia, where on the first day i had a little bit of a breakdown. Severe muscle cramps, nausea and nearly collapsing. After a few hours in hospital and 5 days rest i was fit again. We tried to cycle the jungle paths west of Stung Treng to Cheab and Tben Meng Chey. But we got stuck in the mud and had to return. The long southern route to Seam Reab we did not cycle. Instead we took smaller dustroads and paths along the Mekong. Beautiful! The temples of Sambor have been very interesting for me. Old temples in the middle of the jungle. Great. We did not take the main road to Siem Reap, but the long one north to Tbeng Mean Chey and to the great temples of Koh Ker. Everything was dust road, also a lot of mud because of heavy rain falls. But it was really a great route! Siem Reap has hundreds of accomodations. The reason: the "eighth world wonder" is just a few kilomters from here: Angkor Wat. And of course Bine and me will also visit this famous place.
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