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9. October 2000

cyclists met on tour

good luck and keep on cycling... brice and scott: usa. cycled from golmud to lhasa, further on to kailash and finally to kahsgar. met just before kailash. hubert schwarz: germany. around the world in just a few months. promoting the expo hannover 2000 mark: australia. london-sydney. heading through central asia, sibiria, mongolia… german&alex: kyrgyzstan. bishkek - issyk kul -bishkek douglas: usa. started one year ago in bangok. cycled also in westtibet martin:denmark. new world record: 7020 m with a MTB! on the mustahg ata in xinjiang. cycled in summer 2001 from kahsgar to kathmandu. Site of Martin dave:usa. bought a chinese MTB in kashgar. tried to biking through western tibet, luckily there were some friendly truck-drivers... wylie and helene:usa. went by truck through western tibet. met on the aksia chin plateau and stuck with us 3 days in the mud. the great reports on this part of their journey can be visited on a site by wylie where you can publish or own reports during the journey for free.

information & tips

MAPS world cart, map of asia - tibet, nepal, bhutan (1:2.000.000)
freytag&berndt, central asia (1:1.750.000)
WHEN TO GO june to mid of october
FACTS 3 month; 4000 km
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