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Tibet Traverse 1999 – Info

everest base camp


highway 318 (friendship highway), kilometermarker 5145 --> turn off to base camp chay: guesthouse, instant noodles, hot water; beginning of ascend to pang la peruche (tashi dzom): some guesthouses, restaurants, shops chodzom: 1 guesthouse incl. shop, beginning of ascend to base camp rhongphu gompa: rooms, camping site (10 Y), 1 restaurant, shop everest base camp: camping site, beverage

information & tips

MAPS world cart, map of asia - tibet, nepal, bhutan (1:2.000.000)
WHEN TO GO june to mid of october
FACTS 3 month; 3300 km
IMPORTANT the carriers should be made of steel
  waterproof bike-bags (river-crossings!!)
  recommended vaccinations: thypoid, tetanus, cholera, polio, hepatitis A and B, rabies, meningokokken-meniningitis, FSME
  don´t take unboiled meat and water
CHECKPOINTS we had no problems crossing those points. just wave hello and don´t stop.
  after golmud
  before naqu
  before amdo
  before lhasa
KILOMETERS xining-golmud: 830 km; golmud-lhasa: 1230 km; lhasa-kathmandu: 1250 km
  where the 4th editon (1999) of LP´s "tibet" is wrong:
  5174 --> 5176
  5184 --> 5189
  5276 --> 5273
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