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3 On Tour - Route - part 1 - North of Vienna

6. October 2018

North of Vienna

This map covers the first part of the journey which started in Vienna/Austria by beginning of April 2018. Shortly crossing through Slovakia and Czech Republic we then cycled the eastern part of Poland - along the border of Ukraine and Belarus - until we hit the border of Litva on 15th of May 2018. We soon were heading to the ocean and mainly stayed there through Latvia until Tallinn, the capital of Estland.
By 19th of June we took a ferry to Helsinki. Then the long ride through whole Finland from south to north began, and even further north in Norway to the northern point of mainland Europe.
The way south went through far north Norway via Alta, Tromsö, Narvik to Northern Sweden. There we travelled until we reached Umea by end of October 2018.

As winter was approaching, we stopped cycling and went by rental cars and ferry to Freiburg im Breisgau in Germany. The route of the second part in Southern Europe is shown on the following map.

red line: bicycle, yellow line: other transportation. Thanks to Beat for the nice bicycle marker!

The route has not been logged by a GPS device but created with a route track tool afterwards. The waypoints had been also reduced a lot, therefore the route is not accurate when you zoom to detail level, especially in remote and border areas.
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