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15. September 2008


tibet - central asia - northern india

Prologue the beginning of the adventureous road from yecheng to ali, markus has constantly diarrhoea. in a small village we are invited to stay very comfortable in a house of a friendly couple.

as nature calls, my friend has to get out during the night. a dog blocks the way out in the dark. because it is very urgent, markus is forced doing his "duty" at the entrance of the house. suddenly he loses consciousness and falls half naked on the floor, injuring his left leg. back on his feet after a few minutes he gets ill and has to vomite on the same place. when we were leaving later on we missed the opportunity to explain to the hosts that this is the normal european way of saying "thank you" for the hospitality...


i cycled 4 different routes on the roof of the world yet. i cycled the beautiful pamir in tadjikistan, made two tibet traverses and explored the remote spiti-valley in india,

China China
close to the tibetan border. when not on tour, i´m really missing the snow capped mountains in front of the deep blue sky, the colourful praying flags, the endless gravel roads, the accompanying telephone lines, the kilometer markers, the blue "on-the-way-to-hell" trucks, the friendly, happy, but ignorant-to-cyclists truck drivers, the sorry-no-beer-villages, the delicious instant noodles, the 761-army-biscuits, and last but not least the chinese version of red-bull. everybody who already cycled in tibet, knows what i am talking about...

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