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27. July 2018


These photos give a few impressions of our first bicycle leg in Finland. Starting from the capital Helsinki we first followed the coast to the east to Porvoo and Loviisa.

Then we left the ocean by heading more or less all the time north through beautiful lakeland! Passing town like Savonlinna, Varkaus and Kuopio.

Total number of pictures: 31

  • The first view of Helsinki (Finland, June 2018)

  • Helsinki (Finland, June 2018)

  • A lot of ups and downs in southern Finland I (Finland, June 2018)

  • Loviisa (Finland, June 2018)

  • Loviisa (Finland, June 2018)

  • Separate bicycle lanes even overland are common in the southern parts (Finland, June 2018)

  • Lake Käyrälampi (Kouvola, Finland, June 2018)

  • Sitting out a rainy day in a tiny cottage (Hillosensalmi, Finland, June 2018)

  • Mungo and Uli enjoying lakeland (Finland, July 2018)

  • Perfect stop for a break - beautiful river Adamshalet(Finland, July 2018)

  • South of Kouvola (Finland, July 2018)

  • Nice bus stop protects us from rain (Finland, July 2018)

  • A lot of ups and downs in southern Finland II (Finland, July 2018)

  • A good place for our tent for 1 night (Finland, June 2018)

  • On the road in lakeland! (Finland, July 2018)

  • A small channel for a shortcut in the huge lake area (Finland, July 2018)

  • Bine and Mungo resting at a lake (Finland, July 2018)

  • Steep roads in lakearea (Finland, July 2018)

  • View from one of our bush camping places (Finland, July 2018)

  • Road 62 uses bridges and dams to cross the lakes (Finland, July 2018)

  • Bush camping in Finland (Finland, July 2018)

  • A rainy day - on the way to Varkaus (Finland, July 2018)

  • Lake near Savonlinna (Finland, July 2018)

  • Fire brigade building in Savonlinna (Finland, July 2018)

  • Crossing a huge bridge in Savonlinna (Finland, July 2018)

  • Bine heading to Varkaus (Finland, July 2018)

  • A ferry crossing the lake - on the way to Varkaus (Finland, July 2018)

  • Be careful! (Varkaus, Finland, July 2018)

  • Varkaus is famous for its paper industry (Finland, July 2018)

  • At the campground of Kuntoranta I(Varkaus, Finland, July 2018)

  • At the campground of Kuntoranta II (Varkaus, Finland, July 2018)

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