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31. October 2018

France - along the Rhone-Rhein channel

Initially we did not plan to cycle in France but wanted to go directly to Spain. But as we already travelled by rented cars and ferry for almost 5 days since northern Sweden, we were fed up with this. The weather was amazing and the scenery fantastic.

So we cycled for a few days through France, most time along the famous Rhone-Rhein channel. We started in Freiburg im Breisgau/Germany and ended cycling in Saint Jaint de Losne. Then a rented car brought us to south-west France to Biarritz, where we started cycling again to Spain.

Total number of pictures: 16

  • Mungo is always attentive - a public park in Freiburg (Germany, October 2018)

  • The impressive castle of Besancon (France, October 2018)

  • Rhein directly at the french border (Germany, October 2018)

  • Oysters on sale - welcome to France! (Mulhouse, France, October 2018)

  • Bine and Mungo after a short walk on the campground (Mulhouse, France, October 2018)

  • The Rhone-Rhein channel - great! (France, October 2018)

  • The weather is unbelievable - after all those cold days in Northern Sweden (France, October 2018)

  • The channel is taking a shortcut under Besancon (France, October 2018)

  • Besancon (France, October 2018)

  • The second tunnel of the Rhone-Rhein channel at Thoraise (France, October 2018)

  • Packing in the morning - a typical behaviour of Mungo, he is concerned not to be left alone in the tent (France, October 2018)

  • Great campground in Ranchot (France, October 2018)

  • The channel in Dole (France, October 2018)

  • Dole (France, October 2018)

  • Bine and Mungo on tour (France, October 2018)

  • Saint-Jean-de-Luz - very close to the spanish border (France, October 2018)

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