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Images - Heading off - AT, SK, CZ

Czech Republic
17. April 2018

A few pictures showing our start of 3onTour. Heading off from Vienna along the Danube, crossing Morava river into Slovakia, heading north to Czech Republik. Then going further north until we hit the polish border north of Opava.

Total number of pictures: 10

  • Bine cycling through Schloss Eckartsau (Niederösterreich, Austria, April 2018)

  • The Bridge of Freedom overtops a bunker from the Cold War (near Bratislava at Morava river, Slovakia, April 2018)

  • Bine and Mungo along Batuv channel (Stracnice, Tschechische Republik, April 2018)

  • The Batuv channel (Czech Republic, April 2018)

  • Bine and Mungo (Czech Republic, April 2018)

  • Nice water near a bush camping place (Czech Republic, April 2018)

  • Mungo ready to head off after bush camping (Czech Republic, April 2018)

  • Unbelievable! (Czech Republic, April 2018)

  • Ulis parents and his brother Kryz visiting us on our first evening on tour (Niederösterreich, Austria, April 2018)

  • On the 2nd day the 1st puncture already (Slovakia, April 2018)

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