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1. June 2018


Our bicycle trip through Lithuania. Arriving from Poland, heading to Kaunas and then crossing the country north-west until we reached the ocean near the border of Litva.

Total number of pictures: 18

  • A new country ahead! (Lithuania, May 2018)

  • In the early morning after a short night at a church (Krakes, Lithuania, May 2018)

  • Bines parents, Mungo and Uli on the gravel roads of Lithuania (Lithuania, May 2018)

  • New tyres for Mungos trailer (Lithuania, May 2018)

  • Old, closed cinema in Kalvarija (Lithuania, May 2018)

  • Main square in Marijampole (Lithuania, May 2018)

  • Picturesque scenery on the countryside - near Kaunas (Lithuania, May 2018)

  • Travelling on small roads (Lithuania, May 2018)

  • Cycling close to midnight to Krakes (Lithuania, May 2018)

  • Campsite at lake (Lithuania, May 2018)

  • The Wenzel family on tour (Lithuania, May 2018)

  • Brigitte and Bine at the campsite of Kurtuvenai (Lithuania, May 2018)

  • Typical bush camping scene - Bines parents (Lithuania, May 2018)

  • We are leaving a nice bush camping spot (Lithuania, May 2018)

  • Again troubles with the trailer (Lithuania, May 2018)

  • Finally reached the coast! (Sventaja, Lithuania, May 2018)

  • Mungo reached the coast (Sventaja, Lithuania, May 2018)

  • Good bye Lithuania! (Sventaja, Lithuania, May 2018)

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