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Images - The eastern part of Poland

20. May 2018

The eastern part of Poland

Some impressions of our travel through whole Poland. Crossing the border from Czech republic near Opava we cycled through heavily populated southern Poland (including Krakow) towards Ukraine. Then we turned north travelling along the Ukraine border and then along the border of Belarus, partly on the route of the "Green Velo" cycling route. Finally crossing Bialowieski national park and the eastern part of Masuria we got to the border of Lithuhania.

Total number of pictures: 54

  • Bine entering Roztoczanski National Park (Poland, April 2018)

  • Forest near Bilgoraj (Poland, April 2018)

  • The famous Green Velo cycling path through Eastern Poland (Poland, April 2018)

  • Typical old wooden house (Poland, April 2018)

  • On small roads through the countryside (Poland, April 2018)

  • Leaving a nice bush camping spot (Poland, April 2018)

  • Bush camping (Poland, April 2018)

  • Krakow (Poland, April 2018)

  • Krakow (Poland, April 2018)

  • Krakow (Poland, April 2018)

  • Krakow (Poland, April 2018)

  • Cycling along Wisla to Krakow (Poland, April 2018)

  • Main square of Pszczyna (Poland, April 2018)

  • Campground near Raciborz (Poland, April 2018)

  • Public transport (Kietrz, Poland, April 2018)

  • Bine entering a new country (Poland, April 2018)

  • Uli and Mungo on a lunch break (Poland, April 2018)

  • Through the woods of Poland (Poland, April 2018)

  • Pedestrian bridge crossing Raba river at Majkowice (Poland, April 2018)

  • Piroggi - polish dumplings (Krakow, Poland, April 2018)

  • Mungo resting in the tent (Poland, April 2018)

  • Welcome to Poland! (Poland, April 2018)

  • Uli and Mungo heading into Poland (Opava/Pilszcz, Poland, April 2018)

  • Border between Czech republic and Poland (Opava/Pilszcz, Poland, April 2018)

  • Pre-Opening - a campground just for ourselves (Zwierzyniec, Poland, April 2018)

  • The first problems with our trailer tyres (Poland, May 2018)

  • Russian-orthodox church near the border to Belarus (Poland, May 2018)

  • The local beer of Zwierzyniec (Poland, May 2018)

  • Lunch time at a lake near Bialystok (Poland, May 2018)

  • Nice scenery near Lipsk (Poland, May 2018)

  • We camp at a Green Velo rest area (Poland, May 2018)

  • Typical wooden church in fat eastern Poland (Poland, May 2018)

  • Crossing river Biebrza very close to the border of Belarus (Poland, May 2018)

  • Bush camping (Poland, May 2018)

  • Swieta Gora Grabarka (Poland, May 2018)

  • Swieta Gora Grabarka (Poland, May 2018)

  • Awful cobble stone road (Poland, May 2018)

  • Mungo having lunch break (Poland, May 2018)

  • Bialowieski national park(Poland, May 2018)

  • Bialowieski national park - home of wild bisons (Poland, May 2018)

  • Bialowieski national park - bisons in a reservat (Poland, May 2018)

  • We are cycling through wild bison area (Bialowieski Park Narodowy, Poland, May 2018)

  • Bialowieski national park (Poland, May 2018)

  • Bialowieski national park (Poland, May 2018)

  • Forest in far eastern Masuria (Poland, May 2018)

  • Sandy road (Poland, May 2018)

  • Eastern poland is famous for its 1000s of storks living there in summer (Poland, May 2018)

  • Mungo observing the surroundings of our bush camping site (Poland, May 2018)

  • Lake Siemianowka (Poland, May 2018)

  • Orthodox church near Augustow (Poland, May 2018)

  • Here are even wolves living in the forest! (Poland, May 2018)

  • Nice part of Green velo cycling route (Poland, May 2018)

  • Beatiful lake at Augustow (Masuria, Poland, May 2018)

  • Poor road - before the border to Lithuhania (Poland, May 2018)

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