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4. February 2019

We stayed quite a long time in Spain, 3 months, but did not do that much of cycling. Bine had a lot of problems with her veins of her left leg which forced us to rest for several weeks.
But we also lost the motivation for travelling especially at the beginning. It had to do with the uninspiring, crowded countryside. With the fact that bush camping was nearly not possible. Also all the restrictions when having a dog in Spain did not support us in enjoying the country.
It was not an easy time for us and it was for sure not the best time of our journey.

But in the end, we had some nice experiences, met some nice people and cycled sometimes through really nice scenery. This gallery should show the positive things we experienced in Spain.

Coming from France we cycled from San Sebastian to Burgos, Salamanca, Caceres, Ciudad Real, Valencia and then the coast up to Barcelona.

The famous city also marks the endpoint of the cycling part of 3onTour after being on the road for 10.000 km and 10 months.

Total number of pictures: 36

  • Welcome to Spain! (Irun, Spain, October 2018)

  • Endpoint of our cycling trip - Barcelona (Spain, January 2019)

  • Barcelona - 3onTour is finished (Spain, January 2019)

  • Winter is close - lunch break (Spain, November 2018)

  • Small and muddy roads in the countryside (Spain, November 2018)

  • A beautiful day - on the way to Siruela (Spain, December 2018)

  • Mungo during lunch break (Spain, January 2019)

  • Like in the old days - shepherd with his sheep (Spain, January 2019)

  • Crossing a nature zone (Port de Sagunt, Spain, January 2019)

  • Beautiful Camping Cala D'Oques (Spain, January 2019)

  • Splurging in Salou - great! (Spain, January 2019)

  • Narrow coastal road with 1000s of cars - awful! (Barcelona, Spain, January 2019)

  • A lot of fog in the mountains of Northern Spain (Spain, November 2018)

  • Country of famous wine (Spain, November 2018)

  • Mungo inside the tent (Spain, November 2018)

  • Canaveral in the early morning (Spain, December 2018)

  • Some sections are really nice for cycling (Spain, December 2018)

  • Siruela (Spain, December 2018)

  • We are cooking for dinner in a small garden of a hotel (Spain, December 2018)

  • Uphill in fog... (Almaden, Spain, December 2018)

  • ...downhill with blue sky and sun! (Almaden, Spain, December 2018)

  • On the way to Ciudad Real I (Spain, December 2018)

  • On the way to Ciudad Real II (Spain, December 2018)

  • Olives (Ciudad Real, Spain, January 2019)

  • Mungo in his home (Spain, January 2019)

  • Nice countryside - on the way to Valencia I (Spain, January 2019)

  • Nice countryside - on the way to Valencia II (Spain, January 2019)

  • Typical cycling in Spain - small path beside motorway (Spain, January 2019)

  • Oranges are everywhere (Valencia, Spain, January 2019)

  • We reach the Mediterranean ocean! (Port de Sagunt, Spain, January 2019)

  • Benicassim (Spain, January 2019)

  • Via verde (Benicassim, Spain, January 2019)

  • Lunch break at one of the 100s of coast "villages" (Spain, January 2019)

  • Beatiful cycling through nature park Sierra de Irta (Spain, January 2019)

  • Sierra de Irta (Spain, January 2019)

  • Peniscola (Spain, January 2019)

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