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Pamir 2008 – Route

15. September 2008
The route began in Samarkand, in the very east of Usbekistan. We then crossed the border to Tadjikistan at Penjinkent. Heading further east we reached the road M41, which is connecting Tashkent and Dushanbe, the capital of Tadjikistan. Afterwards in direction of Southeast, and then all along the border to Afghanistan to Khorog. This is the starting point of the "real" Pamir Highway which goes to Murghab and on to Kirgistan, to Sary Tash. Then cycling east to Erkeshtam Pass and on to China until Kashgar. The red line marks the cycled route. The Markers show special points. Go with the mouse pointer of them - you will see then an infotext.
Many thanks to Beat for the very nice Bicycle-Marker! :))

This map is an interactive map, you are able to do the following things:

  • Mouse doubleclick within the map: centers the map at this coordinates and zooms in one level
  • Drag the Mousepointer within the map: the map move in this direction
  • "+" or "-" Buttonat the left side: zoom in or out
  • Navigationpad in the left, upper corner: moves the map
  • Keys at the right bottom: switch between mapview, satelliteview and hybridview

red line: bicycle, yellow line: other transportation. Thanks to Beat for the nice bicycle marker!

The route has not been logged by a GPS device but created with a route track tool afterwards. The waypoints had been also reduced a lot, therefore the route is not accurate when you zoom to detail level, especially in remote and border areas.
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