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[Argentina - The End]
Argentina Argentina
Online since: Jun 9, 2014
Number of Pictures: 36

The last leg of our journey.

From Paso Sico (border to Chile) to San Antonio de los Cobres and finally to Salta.

By bus to Buenos Aires and by plane back home to Vienna/Austria.

Again snowfall during the night (Salta, Argentina, May 2014)

[Chile 2 - On the way to Argentina]
Chile Chile
Online since: May 14, 2014
Number of Pictures: 26

Coming from Bolivia, crossing to Chile at Ollagüe. Refused to enter Chile with bicycle - therefore by bus to Chiu Chiu.

From Calama to San Pedro de Atacama, and then on a remote route to Argentina via Paso Sico - passing Toconao and Socaire.

A great route - but we had very rough weather conditions - including storm, snowfall and icy temperatures!

Aguas Calientes (II. Región - Antofagasta, Chile, May 2014)

[Bolivia - The Salares]
Bolivia Bolivia
Online since: May 7, 2014
Number of Pictures: 38

Our short trip through western Bolivia. From Pisiga to the first of the 2 large salt lakes.

We are crossing Salar de Coipasa from north to south. Afterwards we fight against sandy paths in order to reach Llica. Our starting point to cycle the biggest salt lake on earth - Salar de Tunupa (Salar de Uyuni)!

Heading to the famousIsla de Incawasi, and then to southern shore at Puerto Chuvica.

Finally to San Juan and back to Chile at Ollagüe.

Our bicycles in blue and white infinity - Salar de Tunupa (Salar de Uyuni) (Potosí, Bolivia, April 2014)

[Chile 1 - Ruta Parques Nacionales]
Chile Chile
Online since: May 4, 2014
Number of Pictures: 50

Our first leg through northern Chile.

Cycling from Peru Bine and Bine go straight to Arica. After surviving a heavy earthquake we are setting of for adventure. Travelling north and climbing more than 4.000 meter in altitude in "one go" - reaching then fascinating sceneries!

Parque Nacional Lauca - wit great and high volcanos and Lago Chungará.  Reserva Nacional Las Vicuñas inclusive Monumente Nacional Salar de Surire afterwards.

Then cycling Parque Nacional Volcán Isluga, reaching finally the border town Colchane.

A great bicycle journey!

The first, very cold night at 4.300 meter -Volcán Parinacota in the backdrop (XV. Región - Arica y Parinacota, Chile, April 2014)

[Peru 4 - The South]
Perú Perú
Online since: Mar 22, 2014
Number of Pictures: 27

First, the 2nd part of my solo-trip in southern Peru. From Nasca along the Panamericana heading south. Via Chala to Camaná. Afterwards the failed trial to reach Mollendo direct via Quilca.

FInally from  junction "48" to Mollendo, and then along the coast further to Ilo.

After a few rest days again with Bine cycling the last kilometers in Peru! Heading to the  border of Chile via La Boca del Río and Palos.

Along the Panam from Nasca to the coast. Not visible: the awful head wind! (Ika, Peru, March 2014)

[Peru 3 - The Central 2]
Perú Perú
Online since: Mar 14, 2014
Number of Pictures: 44

From Huánuco we are climbing again - to the supposed to be highest (but for sure the ugliest) town of the world - Cerro de Pasco at an altirude of 4.300 meters.

Over a very nice plateau to La Oroya, and then onwards to Huancayo.

Afterwards a 3-week solo-Tour of Uli starts. Climbing 10.000s of meters to Ayacucho, Querobamba and finally to Puquio.

On a last pass i have to say good bye to the great mountains of Peru. And cycle down to the lowlands at Nasca.

...and then 1.500 meters up again to Querobamba (Ayacucho, Peru, February 2014)

[Peru 2 - The Central]
Perú Perú
Online since: Feb 7, 2014
Number of Pictures: 48

The long - especially when it comes to terms of time - stretch from Cajamarca to Huánuco.

The first stretch south through the mountains to the coast to Huanchaco near Trujillo - via Cajabamba and Huamachuco.

After a long break (relaxing in nice Huanchaco, sickness, 2 weeks visit of relatives in southern Peru) we continued cycling. Just a short 100 km ride on the Panamerican, then turning east to Caraz via great dry canyon landscape. Fascinating!

Then the one-way road up and down to Laguna Parón - great views on some 6.000 meters peaks!

Along the stunning Cordillera Blanca - passing Huaraz - to Pachacoto. The turnoff to the great road crossing the Parque Nacional Huarascán and the Cordillera Blanca. Great!

Then from Huallanca to Huánuco - via La Unión and Tingo Chico.

4000 meter pass behind Huamachuco (La Libertad, Peru, December 2013)

[Peru 1 - The North]
Perú Perú
Online since: Dec 4, 2013
Number of Pictures: 52

The first - wonderful - leg of our route through Peru.

Crossing the border from Ecuador to Peru at Balsa. Heading to San Ignacio, then to the lower lands around Bagua Grande. Cycling along the beautiful river and gorge of Rio Utcubamba to Chachapoyas.

Visiting the interesting and great historic town of Kuelap. Afterwards cycling the spectecular road from Leimebamba to Celendin - with 1000s of meter of climbing and descending. Stunning!

Finally reaching the city of Cajamarca.

Wonderful morning at Abra del Negro (3680 m) - Leimebamba-Celendin road (Amazonas, Peru, November 2013)

[Ecuador 3 - The Southern Highlands]
Ecuador Ecuador
Online since: Nov 24, 2013
Number of Pictures: 51

The last - and very mountainous - part of Ecuador.

The incredible climb from sea level up to more than 4.000 meters in one go to Cuenca - crossing stunning parque nacional Las Cajas!

After Cuenca going up and down to Loja - great landscape, great views and great Panamericana vieja.

Then onwards to Vilcabamba - repairing a broken freewheel in between - and then 1000s of meters in altitutude to Zumba via Valladolid and Palanda.

Last part: a small road to the border at Peru at La Balsa!

Great scenery - Parque Nacional Las Cajas (Azuay, Ecuador, October 2013)

[Ecuador 2 - Lowlands and coast]
Ecuador Ecuador
Online since: Oct 30, 2013
Number of Pictures: 28

Going from the Altiplano down to the lowlands and the pacific coast.

Coming from Latacunga, we reach the lowlands at La Maná and Quevedo. Going to Crucita via Calceta, and relaxing there with Laura.

Afterwards all the way down the coast - Manta, San Lorenzo, Puerto López including great whale watching. Onwards to Montanita to San Pablo.

Leaving the coast and cycling east to Progreso, Guayaquil and finally Jesús María - where again the mountains start...

Alfred and Brigitte in San Lorenzo (Manabí, Ecuador, October 2013)

[Ecuador 1 - The Northern Highlands]
Ecuador Ecuador
Online since: Oct 24, 2013
Number of Pictures: 50

Our mountainous first part of Ecuador.

Crossing the border to Tulcán and heading down to Ibarra and Otavalo. Then entering Quito via Tumbaco.

After Quito we cycled together with Bines parents to Machachi, and from there up to the great Cotopaxi national park.

Back on the panamericana to Latacunga. Leaving the main road and going to the low lands - via Pujilj, Zumbahua, Laguna Quilotoa and finally down to La Maná.

Camp near Cotopaxi - Parque Nacional Cotopaxi (Cotopaxi, Ecuador, October 2013)

Colombia Colombia
Online since: Sep 10, 2013
Number of Pictures: 58

The bicylce journey across Colombia. After resting days in Buenaventura we straight cycled into the colombian mountains..

From Buenaventura to Dagua and then to Cali. For the first time on the Panamericana in South America to Popayan. Crossing the mountains in the Parque Nacional Natural Volcán Puracé - Coconuco, Paletará to Pitalito.

The quite road to Mocoa brings us to a real demanding cycling tour: the road "El trampolin de la muerte" leads to Pasto - over Sibundoy and El Encano.

The final part is again along the Panamericana heading south via Pedregal to Ipiales. The border town to Ecuador.

Typical bus (Huila, Colombia, August 2013)

[Bypassing the Darien Gap]
Colombia Colombia
Online since: Aug 13, 2013
Number of Pictures: 28

This is our adventureous journey from Panamá City to Buenaventura in Colombia by Cargo boats and a small boat on the Pacific side.

We are entering a cargo boat in Panamá City, and going down south for 21 hours to Jaque - far away on the coast in the Darien jungle. After 2 days of waiting we take a small lancha and cross down to Colombia at Bahía Solano. After 3 days we are continuing again on a cargo boat to Buenaventura.

There we hit a road again where we start cycling again. It is a long, uncomfortable and unscheduled journey, but very interesting!



Our third and last boat to Buenaventura (Chocó, Colombia, August 2013)

Panamá Panamá
Online since: Aug 8, 2013
Number of Pictures: 40

Our journey through Panamá.

Entering Panamá on the Caribbean side and going down the coast to Almirante and Chiriquí Grande. Crossing the continental divide and hitting the CA1 at Chiriquí.

All the way east until Panamá City: Santiago, Penonomé and La Chorrera.

Finally visiting the famous capital Panamá City.


Lots of climbs - Bine on the way to Almirante (Bocas del Toro, Panamá, July 2013)

[Costa Rica]
Costa Rica Costa Rica
Online since: Jul 17, 2013
Number of Pictures: 46

The whole trip through Costa Rica.

Starting at the border of Penas Blancas to Liberia. Then cycling the awful road CA1until Las Canas. Finally away from the main road and up to the mountains around Lago de Arenal. Passing Volcán de Arenal ati La Fortuna and going to the lowlands again. Crossing the famous Banana- and Pineapple-plantations. Puerto Viejo de Sarapiquí, Siquirres until hitting the carribean coast at Puerto Limon.

Afterwards along the beautiful coast to Cahuita - including the great national park and Calypso musicfestival - and Manzanillo.

Finally on to the border of Panama ati Sixaola.

Caribbeans influence cannot be overseen - Calypso Music Festival Cahuita (Limón, Costa Rica, July 2013)

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